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Custom Work Shirts

When you want your workers to be supremely focused on their jobs, and less concerned about how their work shirt is holding up, you’ll rely on our expertly made shirts to do the job. Built for comfort and durability, our custom work shirts are ideal for the working individual. No longer are companies pinning nametags to work shirts, where it adds another element that can get snagged on equipment or torn off too easily. Now, companies everywhere are getting names and businesses embroidered directly on the shirt. This allows for safer conditions and a more streamlined look throughout the company.


We have lots of different styles to choose from, like our mechanic shirts that are built strong with an easy care durable press so the color stays brighter for longer, as well as superior soil release and wickability to ensure the wearer stays comfortable and is able to focus on the work at hand. When you combine personalization to an already well-made work shirt, you have a winning combination that is sure to please both the company and the worker.